The Agricultural Experiment Introduction
(source : youtube)

(source : youtube)

Conference Date:Oct. 21~22, 2016

l  International IAM Scientific Symposium

v  Submission of Full Papers :

  August 30, 2016

 v  Notification of Acceptance:

  September 10~13, 2016

 v  Submission of Camera-Ready Papers:September 26, 2016

 v  Registration:October 6, 2016 

The following interested (but not limited to) subjects:

lTrack AM : Technology of Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Equipment (IAgMACH)

oAM1Intelligent Technology on the Farm Machinery

oAM2Intelligent Technology on the Forestry Machinery

oAM3Intelligent Technology on the Fishery Machinery

oAM4Intelligent Technology on the Livestock Machinery

oAM5Intelligent Technology on the Transport Machinery

lTrack AS:Technology of Intelligent Agricultural Service Machinery (IAgSERV)

oAS1Intelligent Technology on the Product Processing Machinery

oAS2Intelligent Technology on the Cold-chain Transportation and Storage System

oAS3Intelligent Technology on the Waste Treatment

oAS4Intelligent Technology on the Management System

oAS5: Intelligent Technology on the Green Energy

lTrack AN : Next-Tech of Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Support (IAgNEXT)

oAN1Next Technology on the Plant Factory

oAN2Next Technology on the Green Energy

oAN3Next Assistive Technology for the Elder Farmer

oAN4Next Technology on the Precision Agriculture

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