The Agricultural Experiment Introduction
(source : youtube)

(source : youtube)

Conference Date:Oct. 21~22, 2016

l  International IAM Scientific Symposium

v  Submission of Full Papers :

  August 30, 2016

 v  Notification of Acceptance:

  September 10~13, 2016

 v  Submission of Camera-Ready Papers:September 26, 2016

 v  Registration:October 6, 2016 

Ÿ  International Industry Workshop (IIW):

We will invite the outstanding manufacturer (and scholars) in IAM and the green energy-saving technology to reveal the in-depth analysis of market trends and the latest technology. All the speeches and presentation will be collected to a publication. It will not only help the farmers and international agricultural machinery manufacturers to work together for exploring the international market, but also to obtain the latest industry knowledge and market information. Furthermore, the workshop will help to develop new business opportunities for the cross-industry alliance and to integrate the intelligent technology of green energy-saving and agricultural automation.


Dr.Jeng-Fang Huang Deputy Director Livestock Research Institute (COA) /R.O.C.
Dr.Ta-Cheng Chen Vice President Asia University /R.O.C.
Dr.Yu-I Huang Professor Department of bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering (NCHU) /R.O.C.
Mr.Yu-Shine Jea Director Hsin-Chu Branch.Tawan Livestock  Research Institute (COA) /R.O.C.
Dr.Chi.Rng Chiou Deputy Director General Taiwan Foresty Research Institute (COA) /R.O.C.
Dr.Shuenn-Der Yang Director Freahwater Aquacuture ResearchCenter.Fisheries Research INstitute (COA) /R.O.C.

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