The Agricultural Experiment Introduction
(source : youtube)

(source : youtube)

Conference Date:Oct. 21~22, 2016

l  International IAM Scientific Symposium

v  Submission of Full Papers :

  August 30, 2016

 v  Notification of Acceptance:

  September 10~13, 2016

 v  Submission of Camera-Ready Papers:September 26, 2016

 v  Registration:October 6, 2016 

Innovation Competition (IC):

    As for the innovation competition, this year we open for students’ research projects in the topics of IAM and green energy-saving technologies from Taiwan institutions and vocational high schools for mutual learning and experience sharing.

    This activity will help to cultivate the high-tech agricultural professionals and encouragethe innovation speed and quality of intelligent technology applied in the agricultural machinery. 


Dr.Shin-Yuh Chem Director Department of Power Mechanical Engineering (NFU) /R.O.C
Dr.Ching-Huang Chiu Associate Professor Department of Vehicle Engineering (NFU) /R.O.C.




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