The Agricultural Experiment Introduction
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Conference Date:Oct. 21~22, 2016

l  International IAM Scientific Symposium

v  Submission of Full Papers :

  August 30, 2016

 v  Notification of Acceptance:

  September 10~13, 2016

 v  Submission of Camera-Ready Papers:September 26, 2016

 v  Registration:October 6, 2016 

Submission Format



Please write the manuscript according to the “Full paper template (Download Full paper template.doc)” and complete the “Paper submission form (Download Paper submission form.xls). Both files shall be saved with the Trak topic and the full first author name as name of the file, for example: “AM1_Fang Sung Cheng.doc” and AM1_Fang Sung Cheng.xls”. The page limitation for the publication on the ICOIAM-2016TAIWAN is 4-6 pages with single column.


vFull Paper Template

This template has been set up so that conference papers can print on either A4 or US letter size paper. Every effort should be made to avoid changing the Page Setup properties. The Full paper has to be submitted electronically by e-mail to the following addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And it should be submitted by 15 August 2016.

Papers should clearly describe the background of the subject, the authors work, including the methods used, and concluding discussion on the importance of the work. Papers are to be prepared in English. Technical terms should be explained. Acronyms should be written out at their first appearance.

vBasic Submission

Language English
Paper length 4-6 pages with single column.
Key words Maximum 4 Key words
Font Times New Roman

Title _14pt bold

Section Headings  _11pt bold

body text _10 point

Paragraph conf_text + Line spacing: 1.5

【A4 】Top : 3.7cm , Bottom: 1.9 cm; Left : 2.0cm , Right: 2.0cm

【US leter size paper】Top : 1.9cm , Bottom: 1.9 cm; Left : 2.0cm , Right: 2.6cm

paper status number footer
Format MS Word-compatible file
Submitting Full Paper in MS Word-compatible file and Portable Document Format (PDF). Both files shall be saved with the Track topic and the full first author name as name of the file.

vMore detail of submission format please download Full Paper Template.doc

vFinal checklist for electronic publication

Proper layout?

Correct fonts?

Conference information and PSN in header and footer?

Correct format of title, authorlist, and affiliation?

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